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Subject: High Performance Computer Systems

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Sundriyal, Vaibhav and Sosonkina, Masha and Gaenko, Alexander (2012) Runtime Procedure for Energy Savings in Applications with Point-to-point Communications. Publisher UNSPECIFIED.

Sundriyal, Vaibhav and Zhang, Zhao and Sosonkina, Masha (2011) Achieving Energy Eciency During Collective Communications. Publisher UNSPECIFIED.

Gharaibeh, Bashar and Chang, J. Morris (2009) Meaningful Object Lifetime Measurement for Multithreaded Applications. Publisher UNSPECIFIED.

Li, Ying (2005) Using nodes in a cluster efficiently. Masters thesis, Iowa State University.

Kumar, Shailesh (2005) Interactive scenegraph performance analysis, diagnosis and enhancement. Masters thesis, Iowa State University.

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