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Thermal modeling and management of DRAM memory systems

Lin, Jiang (2008) Thermal modeling and management of DRAM memory systems. PhD thesis, Iowa State University.

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With increasing speed and power density, high-performance memories, including fully buffered DIMM and DDR2 DRAM, now begin to require dynamic thermal management (DTM) as processors and hard drives did. The DTM of memories, nevertheless, is different in that it should take the processor performance and power consumption into consideration. Existing schemes have ignored that. We investigate a new approach that controls the memory thermal issues from the source generating memory activities -- the processor. It coordinates processor execution with memory thermal emergency, and therefore improves the overall system performance and power efficiency. For multi-core systems, we propose two schemes called adaptive core gating and coordinated DVFS. The first scheme activatesclock gating on selected processor cores, and the second one scales down the frequency and voltage levels of processor cores when the memory is to be overheated. Results from both simulation and real system measurement show that the two schemes can successfully control the memory activities and handle thermal emergency. More importantly, they improve performance significantly under the given thermal envelope.

EPrint Type:Thesis (PhD)
Subjects:Research Excellence Awards
Computer Engineering > COMPUTER SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE > Computer Architecture
ID Code:455
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Deposited By:Mr Jiang Lin
Deposited On:30 November 2008

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