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Description of a superconducting transmission line having a weak link Josephson junction architecture

Anderson, Norman E. (2007) Description of a superconducting transmission line having a weak link Josephson junction architecture. Masters thesis, Iowa State University.

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A Josephson junction consists of two superconductors separated by a non-superconducting layer, typically an insulator that is thinner than the Josephson penetration depth. We will explore this structure using the magnetic vector potential to describe the electromagnetic fields of a superconducting transmission line having the characteristics of a weak link Josephson junction. However, we will first revisit the beginnings of the Josephson junction and the conventional formulation techniques used to describe the electromagnetism of layered superconducting structures and Josephson junctions. We will then formally derive the field equations, for a transverse magnetic to z (TMz) mode, for a superconducting transmission line, and take an in depth look at what these electromagnetic field equations represent. We will then discuss the Sine-Gordon equation and its role in the description and solution of Josephson junctions. This equation governs the coupling between superconductors separated by an insulating barrier, and it is this coupling that Josephson predicted. We continue on this path by revisiting the same superconducting transmission line, but take into account tunneling through the barrier using the Josephson current in our solution method. Finally, we will investigate using the finite difference method in order to numerically solve for the electromagnetic fields in our superconducting transmission line.

EPrint Type:Thesis (Masters)
Subjects:Electrical Engineering > ELECTROMAGNETICS & NONDESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION > Computational Electromagnetics
ID Code:357
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Deposited By:Mr. Norman Anderson
Deposited On:30 August 2007

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