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An examination of single link failure in an optical network with full grooming

Lastine, David (2007) An examination of single link failure in an optical network with full grooming. Masters thesis, Iowa State University.

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This thesis considers a survivable optical network with link-based protection that can survive one fault, has links each with a fixed total bidirectional capacity, and full grooming ateach node. An upper bound on the total primary capacity the network can provide is derived from conditions that are necessary but not sufficient to guarantee restoration. An ILP formulation is developed and presented that achieves this bound when possible for a given topology, and tends to spread out backup capacity by insisting on using small cycles to form backup routes. The blocking probability of connections in a network thus protected is compared against the networks blocking probability if protected by a p-Cycle. Simulations showed that the more spread out backup capacity had lower blocking probability than a Hamiltonian p-Cycle. P-Cycles are supplemented by an additional pre-configured structure. The capacity used by non-simple p-cycles and lines are compared against non-pre-configured resource reser- vation. Examples where lines can be useful are easy to construct. However ILP solutions for protecting Cost 239 and Coronet networks did not include them.

EPrint Type:Thesis (Masters)
Subjects:Computer Engineering > COMPUTER SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE > Fault Tolerant Systems
Computer Engineering > COMPUTER SYSTEMS ARCHITECTURE > Optical and Wireless Networks
ID Code:327
Identification Number:TR-2007-04-12
Deposited By:Mr David Lastine
Deposited On:29 August 2007

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