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A Dynamic En-route Scheme for Filtering False Data Injection in Wireless Sensor Networks

Yu, Zhen and Guan, Yong (2005) A Dynamic En-route Scheme for Filtering False Data Injection in Wireless Sensor Networks. Publisher UNSPECIFIED, USA.

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In this paper, we propose a dynamic en-route filtering scheme for false data injection attacks in wireless sensor networks. In sensor networks, adversaries can inject false data reports containing bogus sensor readings or nonexistent events from some compromised nodes. Such attacks may not only cause false alarms, but also drain out the limited energy of sensor nodes. Several existing schemes for filtering false reports either cannot deal with dynamic topology of sensor networks or have limited filtering capacity. In our scheme, a legitimate report is endorsed by multiple sensing nodes using their distinct authentication keys from one-way hash chains. Cluster head uses Hill Climbing approach to disseminate the authentication keys of sensing nodes along multiple paths toward the base station. Hill Climbing guarantees that the nodes closer to a cluster hold more authentication keys for the cluster than those nodes farther from it do and the number of keys held by each forwarding node can be balanced. In filtering phase, each forwarding node validates the authenticity of the reports and drops those false reports. Compared to existing schemes, our scheme can better deal with dynamic topology of sensor networks. Analytical and simulation results show that our scheme can drop false reports earlier even with a lower memory requirement and tolerate more compromised nodes. Our scheme also outperforms others in term of energy efficiency, especially for large sensor networks.

EPrint Type:Technical Report
Subjects:Computer Engineering > INFORMATION SYSTEMS SECURITY & NETWORKING > Information Assurance
ID Code:187
Identification Number:TR-2005-10-0
Deposited By:Zhen Yu
Deposited On:18 October 2005

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